Blue Archive devs have plans for 2 years ahead, hoping for 15+ years

Blue Archive

While numerous gacha games have seen end of service recently due to a variety of reasons, Nexon’s Blue Archive has turned out to be one of the biggest hits in the genre.

In recent developer interview (via Reddit), the game’s producer Kim Yong-ha stated they already have the next two years planned out. However, this wasn’t all he had to say about Blue Archive’s potential future.

Yong-ha said they are hopeful in moving forward through 15 years worth of support towards the game. It’s worth reiterating this is just their hope, and not indicative of any official plans.

Currently, no games within this genre have reached that lifespan, though there are some that have been living on for the past decade.

Other than the game itself, Blue Archive has an anime adaptation on the way, with potential plans for a film should it prove successful, and there are also manga adaptations.

While his statements have been taken for the main game itself, there could be possible spin-off titles for the franchise if it were to continue beyond a decade in service. This is something similar to other gacha titles such as Arknights, Girls Frontline, and AFK Journey.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices. You can check out our review here!



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