Blue Archive banner 5/9-5/16 should you pull?

Koharu Blue Archive

We’re finally getting a break after a few weeks of Unique/Limited students, but these ones are still meta-defining.

Well, we say a break but this upcoming banner has two students that are exceptional even if they aren’t Limited: Maki and Koharu.

These two students can be picked up randomly during any pull, but during the banner there’s an increased chance of picking them up. So what makes them worth pulling?

Konuri Maki

Konuri Maki Blue Archive

Maki is a queen of Yellow raids. She does massive single target damage, has a long lasting attack buff, and synergizes with buffing units like Ako. While she largely shines in HOD and Binah, she can be used in Chesed to lay huge damage when he’s vulnerable. She’s also a passable damage dealer even without her type advantage, but only in a pinch. That’s the power of her raw damage.

She can be safely skipped if you have Kazusa and aren’t interested in making multiple teams for high end content. But without either of them you’ll have a hard time with Extreme Binah or HOD (and forget about Insane).

Shimoe Koharu

Shimoe Koharu Blue Archive

If Maki is the queen of Yellow raids, Koharu is at least the queen of Hieronymus. Koharu’s EX ability does healing to allies and damage to enemies in an area, giving it great versatility. She also heals students below 50% HP every 20 seconds passively, this means she’s putting in work from the get-go in Hieronymus raids by healing his relics (one of the raid’s major mechanics requires healing).

She can be skipped if you have a lot of strong damage dealers otherwise and can afford to put more healing elsewhere on your team, but otherwise she’s pretty much a must-have for pushing Hieronymus on the highest difficulties.

Should I Pull?

We’re still catching up to Japanese servers so we’re going to go through more Unique banners soon and in fast order. To that end, this banner is a safe skip if you’re hurting for Pyroxenes after the last one.

Not to mention these students aren’t unique and can just appear randomly when pulling or be farmed via Eleph through Hard Missions.

To sum it up: Don’t pull. These are really good students but not worth the Pyros right now. Save them.

Waifu Clause

As always, if you really like the student’s design then more power to you. These guides are more about the student’s place in the meta.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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