Blue Archive banner 2/28-3/14 should you pull?

Kyouyama Kazusa Blue Archive

Blue Archive has just switched up their banner characters again until March 14. This time there’s three different banners including Kazekura Moe from SRT Special Academy, Yutori Natsu from Trinity General School, and Kyouyama Kazusa who’s also from Trinity.

Of the three, Kazusa and Moe are new characters who were just added to the game. Meanwhile Natsu’s banner comes with an increased pickup of the two star unit Iochi Mari. So are any of them worth pulling?


Kazekura Moe

Kazekura Moe Blue Archive

The last student we need to finish Rabbit Squad! Moe is a Special unit who buffs allies attack and has one of the few line AoEs in the game. Overall she’s a mediocre addition for Chesed teams and might be useful for HOD. But ultimately she’s likely going to be overshadowed by other students with broader uses. She could MAYBE replace Karin in meta Chesed comps.

Overall? An easy skip unless you’re a fan of Rabbit Squad or Moe is your waifu.

Kyouyama Kazusa

Kyouyama Kazusa Blue Archive

Kazusa is a great single target Yellow damage student. She synergizes well with buffers like Ako and Chinatsu (Hot Spring Ver.), there’s just one problem. Everything Kazusa can do, Maki is already doing. If you have Maki (especially if you’ve invested in her) then Kazusa is an easy skip. If you don’t have Maki then she’s probably one of the best options among the three banners.

Ultimately, she’s a skip if you have Maki. But even if you don’t, Maki’s Eleph can be bought from the Total Assault store anyways so if you spend a month or two on buying her Eleph you can have your own Maki without spending premium currency.

Yutori Natsu / Iochi Mari

Yutori Natsu Blue Archive

Natsu is one of only two Blue damage tanks in the global version of the game (Yuuka (Gym ver.) is coming later) and is easily the best one. Her EX Ability is a self-heal that clears status ailments and one of her passives increases the attack of her allies. However tanks are easy to pass over in the current meta and defense wise Hoshino is a more accessible tank.

Ultimately, Natsu is another easy skip but if you’ve already rolled for Kazusa and need to spark someone, it may as well be her.

Iochi Mari Blue Archive

First off, DO NOT roll just for a two star. But if you’re undecided on who to roll on and insist on rolling, rolling for Natsu and Mari will help you out in a unique way. Since Mari is a pick-up, all your Mari rolls will give you bonus Eligma and Eleph to spend on your other students, so even if you’re missing out on Natsu you’ll gain extra resources.

Ultimately, don’t roll explicitly for a two star though. Seriously.

Should I Pull?

Unless your Pyroxenes are burning a literal hole in your pocket or you’re desperate for Kazusa as a good damage dealer for the current HOD raid:

Do not pull!

None of these students are limited, meaning you’ll have a small chance of getting them when you’re pulling for better meta defining students or limited ones who are only available during their event.

Waifu Clause

As always, the waifu clause applies and if you really like the student’s design then more power to you. These guides are more about the student’s place in the meta.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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