Bleach VA Wendee Lee lashes out at peers over Yoruichi recast

Yoruichi Bleach

Yoruichi from Bleach was recast in the dub for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War with the role being given back to Wendee Lee. However Lee took offense when other actors and some fans offered sympathy to the actor being removed from the role: Anairis Quiñones.

In the most recent anime adaptation of Bleach, voice actress Anairis Quiñones was given the role of Yoruichi in order to provide the dark-skinned character with a POC English voice. However some fans and apparently VIZ themselves wanted original English VA Wendee Lee back.

In a tweet, Quiñones announced that she was being recast to make room for Wendee Lee and her existing voicework would be redubbed. Her friends in the industry then offered their sympathies for the sudden recast. However, Lee took personal offense and seemingly believed that support for Quiñones was a slight against her.

According to Lee, the decision was made by VIZ in order to preserve the “OG” cast from the original 2004 anime dub.

Many of these tweets have been deleted but after having been left up some of them have already been screenshotted and saved:

The few that remain are more direct responses to a few other industry insiders who attempted to call out Lee for her behavior.

Wendee Lee Bleach

Quiñones will still be voicing Hiyori in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and had this to say:

Hey yall! The studio & client decided to go in a different direction, so I am no longer voicing Yoruichi in Bleach TYBW and my recordings will be replaced. It meant a lot to take on such an iconic WOC. I appreciate all the love!! I’ll still be voicing Hiyori.

While it’s true Wendee Lee is the original English voice for Yoruichi, we all know that Satsuki Yukino is the only “OG” Yoruichi VA.


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