BIT.TRIP Rerunner is now available

BIT.TRIP Rerunner

Now armed with a level maker and even better songs, the BIT.TRIP franchise continues with BIT.TRIP Rerunner, which just launched.

BIT.TRIP Rerunner is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Choice Provisions (previously known as Gaijin Games) today announced the Steam release of BIT.TRIP RERUNNER + RUNNER MAKER – a love letter to its beloved BIT.TRIP franchise. The rhythm platformer that started it all is back with new mechanics, trippy Unreal 5-powered visuals, and a KILLER soundtrack inspired by the franchise’s deepest cuts.

For the very first time, Choice Provisions has also included an official level editor with the game: RUNNER MAKER – which allows players to create and share ever more challenging custom levels with BIT.TRIP fans all over the world. RUNNER MAKER makes it dead easy to fine-tune obstacles and shape beat-driven gameplay to deliver countless, stunningly varied BIT.TRIP RERUNNER levels. In fact, almost every single level in the shipped game was built with RUNNER MAKER!

Whether players enjoy the pre-designed levels in BIT.TRIP RERUNNER or venture into user-generated content, the combination of rhythmic gameplay, retro-inspired visuals, and an infectious chiptune soundtrack result in a memorable, hard-to-put-down gaming experience. Developed with the help of Brazilian outfit Gamecraft Studios, BIT.TRIP RERUNNER skillfully tests players’ reflexes and rewards their creativity – including tasteful nods to BIT.TRIP greats.

“BIT.TRIP RERUNNER initially began as a three-month experiment aimed at familiarizing our studio with the Unreal engine,” says Mike Roush, co-founder of Choice Provisions. “However, as development unfolded, our passion for the project grew out of control – compelling us to expand it with even more features. The driving force behind the BIT.TRIP RERUNNER project was twofold: listening to our dedicated fans, and acknowledging our own infatuation with the original game’s format. Fans yearned for a return to the authentic RUNNER experience – and the persistent demand for a level editor from the community further cemented our plan to deliver everything the community wanted and more.”

Key Features

  • Brave 150+ obstacle-filled levels based on the classic games – each one more challenging than the last.
  • Dive head-first into a trippy new art style powered by Unreal 5.
  • Enjoy a fully remixed soundtrack at unhealthy volume levels.
  • Create and share the levels of your dreams with RUNNER MAKER.
  • Uncover gaming artifacts in the Historical Gallery – with fun nods to the original game!
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