Bethesda Files New Trademark for “Redfall”

While the announcement for The Elder Scrolls VI came and went with very little details for the game itself, a recent trademark by parent company Bethesda Softworks has fans speculating it could point to the setting for the upcoming game.

The new trademark (via r/ElderScrolls) is for the name “Redfall,” and it was filed back on September 10th. The trademark naturally applies for all the typical video game legal wording that hasn’t changed for decades – computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles, and so on.

Fans are speculating that this could be the subtitle for The Elder Scrolls VI (the suffix “fall” has become popular lately), and that it would fit with the largely agreed upon theory that its reveal trailer points to a setting in the northwest mountainous coastal regions of Tamriel.

This would mean the game is probably set in Daggerfall and/or the country of Hammerfell, the latter of which is the homeland of the Redguard race. It’s worth pointing out that game titles and subtitles are typically registered separately, and it wouldn’t make sense for The Elder Scrolls Online (pictured) to make an expansion for a region that’s largely already in the game.

Another popular theory comes from a questline in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that has you dealing with a plague spread by the deadric prince Peryite that causes victims to develop red skin and projectile vomit. Where does this plague originate? High Rock, the homeland of the Breton race – and one of the areas that will probably be in Elder Scrolls VI, based on the reveal trailer.

Regardless of wherever the game is set, we probably won’t hear or see concrete details for the game for a few years – as the next big game from Bethesda will be their sci-fi epic Starfield, which is currently in a playable state. The Elder Scrolls VI, on the other hand, is still in pre-production.

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