Starfield is in a Playable State, The Elder Scrolls VI is in ‘Pre-Production’

While Bethesda practically brought down the house in announcing not one but two big titles fans were expecting at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, it remains unclear when we’ll actually get to play both games – until now.

In a post-E3 press conference talk between Bethesda Game Studios boss Todd Howard and Geoff Keighley, we’ve learned firmer statuses on both their new IP, Starfield, and their next sequel, The Elder Scrolls VI.

While Howard didn’t elaborate too much, he said that “Elder Scrolls VI is in pre-production, and Starfield is in production. It’s a game we’ve been making for a while.”

When pressed if this meant Starfield is playable in some form, Howard said “Oh, yes. Absolutely. That’s a good way to say it. Starfield is playable, Elder Scrolls 6, not in that way yet.”

Lastly, in regards to what platforms we can expect these games to release on – Howard said that the technology they want for the games is “getting closer,” suggesting these titles won’t release for the current hardware generation (gaming consoles, not Windows PC).

Editor’s Note: Featured image is from the Skyrim “Enderal” mod, which you can view here.

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