Bet on Success for Space Wars 2

When the news comes through of an imminent NetEnt slot release, gamblers know something impressive is on its way. The slot designers have a great record when it comes to releasing innovative and ultimately successful games.

June 30 sees a game that’s bound to be out of this world. Space Wars 2 Powerpoints is on its way to an online casino near you. This six-reel, six-row game is of course the sequel to the successful Space Wars release.

There are so many slot games that gamblers can try and win some cash on. Huge potential winnings are always going to attract players to online casinos hoping for that one successful spin. What NetEnt are so good at though is producing a game that has plenty of features and innovation.

Space Wars 2 has plenty of these features and you don’t need to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this slot release. Features include the always popular (and lucrative) Avalanche, plenty of multipliers, free spins, wilds and Powerpoints that can help win you free spins and every gambler loves that.

Look out too for the Column Blaster and Row Blaster features that will have gamblers on the edge of their seats. There’s far more though in this game. It’s a bit like one of those Doctor Who series finales when everything but the kitchen sink is included. That can have the danger of making for a cluttered game where just a few features might have been a better idea. That’s not the case here though.

This slot game will be available at a sizable number of online casinos. If you are thinking of joining a casino, a bit of research beforehand is advised. This will arm you with lots of information about offers that are available on this site.

If you do happen to be into sci-fi, then this is just another theme that slot designers love to use when deciding what game to release next. They know full well that there are themes, whether it be sci-fi, dinosaurs or a particular sport that has an already established audience. If they just happen also to be fans of playing slots at gambling websites, then another profitable game is on the way.

That’s been the case with Space Wars, though it probably didn’t take them too long to come up with the title. Building a franchise is another great aim for slot designers. The hope will be that it won’t be too long before Space Wars 3 and 4 are released.

This game doesn’t have the most sophisticated of symbols. It’s more the aliens you’ll see in cartoon films than one coming out of a human stomach. There are lots of the aliens as well as rocks aplenty, a ruby-coloured crystal, a glowing hexagon ball and robots. There always seems to be a robot in sci-fi. You’ll want to see the two in this game as they are the wild and multiplier wild.

No one really wants to be caught up in an avalanche unless they’re playing slot games. Space Wars 2 has the now familiar feature of winning symbols suddenly disappearing and then being replaced by new ones. With a bit of luck this will keep providing you with an increasing number of wins.

The Powerpoints meter is what you need to keep your eyes on. As those wins come along, they earn you the Powerpoints that can take you through the different levels of the game and see you playing with a larger multiplier. They’re the rocket fuel in this game, though not increasing in price as each day goes by. Get 1000 and you’ll receive some free spins to help boost your account balance.

When the free spins do come along, there are suddenly eight not six rows. More Powerpoints can lead to additional free spins and the big wins every gamble yearns for. If you can’t wait to get some free spins, you can use the Buy Feature but be careful with that gambling budget of yours.

What about those blasters? A Column Blaster symbol appears when a four-symbol horizontal match is achieved. All other symbols that aren’t wilds or feature symbols disappear from that column. The Row Blaster isn’t much different, and a four-symbol vertical match is what’s needed. Oh, and you get loads of Powerpoints too, so it’s good news all round. Similar good news arrives with the Zapper and Bomb features.

This is one of those slot games where there always seems to be something going on or about to. It’s rather complicated and a good read of the rules is a very good idea indeed. Even better is if you can play the game in demo mode first to get used to all the features before betting with real money.



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