BBC host calls for ‘final purge’ of gamers over Sweet Baby

Jules Hardy

Jules Hardy, a presenter and host for CBBC (part of the BBC network) has called for a “final purge of these kinds of gamers” in the wake of a new Steam Curator list similar to the recent Sweet Baby list.

Hardy’s tweet was in support of Black Girl Gamers, a company that in their own words is “partnering with brands to change gaming from the inside out”. One Steam user took it on themselves to make a similar list to Sweet Baby Inc. Detected, called Black Girl Gamers Detected. Which at the time had only a singular member.

Black Girl Gamers

The tweet alleges that Sweet Baby Inc. and Black Girl Gamers has worked together, which the latter has denied. However BGG does maintain that both companies perform similar services.

Hardy later attempts to backpedal their statement, claiming they want to “purge the hate and vitriol from gamers” rather than disaffecting real people. We doubt anyone seriously thinks she’s advocating for violence against gamers, but her original tweet makes it appear that her intent is to disenfranchise existing fans of the medium, rather than sincerely tackle “hate and vitriol”.

While there has been actual harassment and vitriol (as there is with any internet controversy), the spark of this drama was when a Sweet Baby Inc. employee conflated criticism and consumer information with harassment.

The recent drama with Sweet Baby Inc. originated with an attempted harassment campaign started by a Sweet Baby employee against a Steam Curator for creating a list of games which Sweet Baby Inc. has been involved with.

The curator simply lists the games and informs users if the company was involved with its production. However ideologues on both sides have rallied around the curator as the latest flashpoint in the culture war affecting gaming and has led to broader conversations about narrative consultation and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives as a whole.

You can check out the Sweet Baby Inc detected curator here.



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