Bayonetta PC Sale Estimates Top 100,000 Units, Sega “Extremely Overwhelmed by the Support”

The PC release for Bayonetta has been doing quite well, despite appearing out of practically nowhere with almost no prior confirmation it was actually happening. The game has sold over 100,000 units on PC, according to Steam tracker SteamSpy.

To clarify how SteamSpy works, they track publicly-available data and aggregate it to follow how games perform, who plays what, for how long, and so on. Despite the un-official nature of the system, it’s generally accepted that analytics via SteamSpy are a good indicator of how a game is performing.

With the game seemingly doing very well on the platform, Sega responded (via PCGamesN) by saying they “do not have any confirmation of numbers.” However, they went on to say they are “extremely overwhelmed by the support for Bayonetta and love that we reached #1 on the Steam charts!”

Following the game’s Steam release, Sega noted they have plans to “explore PC port options” with their other titles. Did you double-dip for Bayonetta on PC, or purchase it for the first time? Sound off in the comments below!

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