Baldur’s Gate 3 lets you have sex with a bear

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3, the upcoming addition to the classic franchise will allow you to pursue a wide variety of relationships with your fellow adventurers. Including a sex scene with a bear.

It’s technically a grown man transformed into a bear, but the point remains. In the scene, Astarion and Halsin meet in the dark of night for an intimate conversation.

The scene was shown off during the Larian Studios “Panel From Hell” livestream which you can find below (at about 5:32:00).

The openness of the scene seems to run contrary to the industry trend in recent years which has pulled back from openly sexual content in video games.

Baldur’s Gate III is hitting full release on August 31 for PC alongside a PS5 port on September 6, with an Xbox Series X|S port coming later. The game has been available as an early access title for Windows PC (via Steam and GOG). You can read our hands-on preview of the game here.



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