Babylon’s Fall Developers Livestream Set for November 15

Babylon's Fall Developers Livestream

Square Enix has announced a new Babylon’s Fall developers livestream focused on the upcoming phase three of the game’s closed beta.

The new Babylon’s Fall developers livestream will kick off on November 15th alongside the next phase of the game’s closed beta, from 8 PM – 9:30 PM Japan time. You’ll be able to watch the livestream on YouTube and Niconico.

Key staff attending the livestream as presenters include game director Takahisa Sugiyama, game planner and designer Isao Negishi, and producer Junichi Ehara, who is also acting as host for the duration of the event.

Here’s the description of the event:

Let’s go on a quest with the developers! During the distribution, the developers will be actually playing the closed beta test. When you are matched with a quest, aim to clear the quest together with the developers!

The developers will be answering the comments received during the distribution to the extent possible! If you have any questions or concerns about BABYLON’S FALL, please take this opportunity to send them to us!

Please send us your questions about Babylon’s Fall! Please understand that not all questions will be answered.

The previously announced Babylon’s Fall closed beta phrase 3 is set for November 15th through the 17th, with initial details confirming it’ll enable cross-play for the first time across the PC, PS4, and PS5 versions of the game.

Here’s a brief rundown on the game:

Join a group of warriors bonded with special equipment called Gideon Coffins in an odyssey to overcome the titanic Tower of Babylon. Wield unique weapons in both hands, and use the power of the Gideon Coffin, allowing for combinations of up to four weapons at once. The capabilities of different equipment will also bring endless strategic variation to combat. Game visuals are achieved using a newly developed “brushwork style” to create a unique fantasy setting with a medieval oil painting aesthetic. Play in co-op online multiplayer for up to 4 players. The game will feature a range of game modes post launch at no additional cost.

Babylon’s Fall is currently in development for Windows PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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