Atari wants developers to pitch a new Bubsy game

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The Bubsy platforming franchise has been a mixed bag ever since the first title released back in 1993. Despite poorly received games such as the infamous Bubsy 3D, it has managed a cult following over the years.

There have been attempts on bringing the franchise back to life over the past several years. Both recent titles were also poorly received, but this hasn’t discouraged Atari, who purchased the IP earlier this year.

In an interview with podcast MinnMax, CEO Wade Rosen revealed the company does wish to create a new game for the series, though they aren’t currently working on such a title as of right now.

Instead, they are open to any indie developers who have experience in platformers that might want to be the ones to try and pitch an idea to them. Any who are interested can do so by contacting them through Atari’s main website.

It’s nice that Atari does want to create new things with the numerous IPs they’ve acquired over the past year. Even if many expected that to happen as it’s normal for companies to get a return on their investments.

That said, Bubsy as a franchise is one with baggage, as Rosen admits, due to his poorly received titles that have been mocked mercilessly on the internet for decades now. But perhaps its reputation can turn around with Atari’s guidance.



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