Asus’s Evangelion themed PC components get listings with eye-watering prices

RTX 4090 Evangelion Prices Eye-Watering Thumbnail

The previously announced Evangelion themed PC components by Asus have finally got retail listings with imminent release/shipment dates. Unsurprisingly all parts command a premium price tag compared to similar products at the same spec level.

The currently “leaked” listing include the motherboard, AIO cooler, and most important of all, the RTX 4090 themed after the EVA-2 from the popular anime series. Judging by the listed retail pricing through these leaks, which are subject to change, it’s plain to see that there is a high markup for these products.

The motherboard is listed at $699.99, which is nearly 20% higher than the comparable product without theming. For the AIO cooler, it’s listed at $399. A markup of “only” 15% compared to the non-themed version.

Perhaps the most shocking for some would be the markup for the themed RTX 4090, priced at $2,299, an astounding 43% markup over the already expensive MSRP of $1,599 for the regular product.

Everyone already knew there would be a premium cost to these themed products that are likely to be in low supply, but now the numbers appear to have been finally released. Currently two of the listings state that the product is out of stock, but that might not be an indicator for demand as they are officially out for sale yet.

Considering how successful the previous collaboration went for Asus, they likely can see there is a market for these products and that those interested are willing to shell out the extra cash for such theming.

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