ASUS reveals Evangelion themed PC components including RTX 4090

Asus Evangelion RTX 4090 Thumbnail

Asus have announced a brand new lineup of PC components based on the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion anime franchise.

The hallmark of this new lineup is of course the themed RTX 4090, sporting a red designed inspired by main character Asuka and her EVA unit.

This isn’t the only product to follow in the style. Asus have also released other parts to complete the look, including an EVA-02 themed PC case, motherboard, AIO cooler, keyboard, keycaps, mouse, mouse grip, GPU sag bracket, and power supply.

This is surprisingly less than what Asus did with their first collaboration with the series, which also included other themed items such as headset and even monitor.

Currently there are no other details such as price or official release date for these products. Presumably they will fetch a premium compared to their non-themed counterparts.

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