Asus announces cutting edge Xbox ROG Raikiri Pro controller

ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro controller

ASUS has announced their latest controller for Xbox and PC at CES 2023, the ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro controller.

ROG (Republic of Gaming) puts the controller among Asus’s other ROG products, designed specifically with gaming in mind.

The ROG Raikiri Pro features an OLED screen at the top, which won’t have any obvious gaming applications – but instead will allow users to customize their controller with on-screen icons and profiles.

The screen can also be used for indicators like battery power and connection strength when the controller is used wirelessly.

Other core features include four rear buttons which can be mapped for whatever purpose you need, three different modes of connectivity (USB-C wired, Bluetooth, or wireless dongle), as well as rear triggers with adjustable sensitivity thanks to a locking slider.

The controller also features the kind of customization we’ve come to expect from peripherals these days. This includes remappable buttons, joystick sensitivity, and other minor alterations with Asus’s proprietary Armoury Crate software.

When the ROG Raikiri Pro is connected with a USB-C wire, players can connect their headset directly into the controller. The controller comes with built-in ESS DAC which stands for Digital to Analog Converter for higher sound quality.

The controller also features a dedicated button to mute your voice comms if you’re eating chips between rounds.

A release date or price point for the ROG Raikiri Pro hasn’t been confirmed, but we’re expecting more news sometime in Q1 of this year; which means sometime within the next month or two.

ASUS has been ramping up its selection of gaming hardware and peripherals in recent weeks, their new 2023 laptop line features 3D features and the company is releasing a first of its kind gaming router using WiFi 7.

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