Asus unveils world’s first quad-band gaming routers with WiFi 7

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WiFi 6 was already considered fast when it first debuted back in 2019, but technology continues to evolve, like the latest from Asus.

Asus has revealed their look into the future with the world’s first gaming router sporting WiFi 7. Compared to WiFi 6, WiFi 7 is 4.8x faster in data transfer speeds.

It does this by having new access for up to 320Mhz in the 6Ghz band, whereas its predecessor only managed to reach 160Mhz. This allows it to effectively double its bandwidth.

Thus far, the routers they announced capable of providing such speeds are the ROG Rapture GT-BE98 and ASUS RT-BE96U.

Both routers are targeted primarily towards gamers, with the latter being able to provide up to a staggering 25,000 Mbps in throughput.

The GT-BE98 is also a quad-band router that comes with three 10G ports and multi-link operation, allowing data to be transmitted to different bands simultaneously, which greatly improves throughput.

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