Asus unveils liquid cooled RTX 4090 with absurd pricing

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Asus isn’t done with announcing PC components at high markup prices compared to the standard MSRP with yet another RTX 4090 model that comes in at a whopping $3,200 MSRP. For reference, the reference RTX 4090 is set at $1,600 MSRP. Meaning there is a markup of 100% over the base model.

Of course there’s reason for why this is now the most expensive model of this series of GPU, which is the fact that it’s clocked higher than any other, with a 6% increase over the reference, as well as being liquid cooled with a triple fan radiator.

There will also be a special edition of this already special card signed by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang which will be auctioned off for charity in collaboration with Make-A-Wish Foundation. While it would likely make that the most expensive GPU sold under more normal circumstances, it is going to a good cause.

One impressive feature of this card is its ability to go well beyond the standard power limit of the reference model. With the card already being set for 500 watt TGP out of the box with the ability to push all the way up to a blazing 600 watts.

Yet according to Asus, their cooling solution should be capability of handling it, as they claim at 500 watts the card only reaching 54C thanks to having liquid metal as its thermal solution.

Chances are that no one reading this has any plans on picking up Asus’s powerful card, even if they wish to have a RTX 4090. However it’s certainly a premium product for those wanting the absolute top of the line performance regardless of cost.

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