Astrolabe Games to publish 2.5D platformer Fall Up

Fall Up

Astrolabe Games has announced they’re publishing Unicellular Games’ 2.5D sidescrolling platforming game Fall Up.

While Fall Up is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Take a leap into a lost world of mechanical wonders and embark on a hopping adventure with our adorable Labi! You need to traverse this cartoonish world with a variety of jumps and moves, meet squishy creatures and clumsy robots and reveal the secrets of this world.

GAMEPLAY – Labi always aims for powerful and precise jumps!

A mistake in installing a thruster module instead of a mobility module gave Labi a pair of shortest yet most powerful legs among all robots. It has mastered the skill to Leg Launch itself like a cannonball with its powerful legs. With this advantage, Labi can Stomp with great force on enemies or bounce over walls.

You know what’s better? After Labi has found the Warp Ball, you may immediately teleport to any place where the ball lands. To beat the levels and solve the puzzles, you must plan ahead, Run, Stomp, Dash and Double Jump your way to succeed the best route. You may also Dash like a ninja, using your quick reflex to dodge all incoming dangers as they show up.

GOALS – The core function of Labi’s program: seek FREEDOM!

During the game, you need to collect “Batteries” scattered around the level. Some are lying in plain sight along the path, while others may require a little bit of exploration spirit. At the end of every level, your will get Gems based on the number of Batteries you’ve found. You will need certain gems to unlock the new areas.

What’s more, when you have found all the batteries in a level, a Time Trial will be unlocked. Complete the challenge, and you will be rewarded with the final Gem of the level. A trophy for serious challengers!

FEATURES – Every being, organic or synthetic, has its own value, even robots (only the cute one counts!)

What were your enemies one second ago may become your friends the next. Despite the mean look, the enemies won’t mind you stepping on their heads. You may manipulate, provoke or even guard your enemies, and use them to complete the level in ways one could never imagine.

STORY – An imaginary yet realistic post-apocalyptic world.

Do you wonder where do so many robots come from? Who created them? And why do those pointless assembly lines keep running indefinitely?

Dive into the fantasy world made of giant fruits and adorable robots and unwrap the authentic story about humanity and identity. Traverse and explore colorful and vibrant scenes, interact with all sorts of intriguing characters, and piece by piece learn the world’s history. Help our little hero find out what really matters, reveal everything that has been lost, and make friends with a bunch of totally huggable characters!

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