Areal Kickstarter Suspended

After being saved by Mr. Putin not too long ago, the Areal Kickstarter’s miraculous infusion of money is made useless by the fact that Kickstarter’s admins have suspended the project.

So far, the men behind the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. spiritual successor have not updated their page about this nasty turn of events, but a simple glance at the Kickstarter FAQ concerning illegitimate projects might tell us why this happened:

    A project may be suspended if our Trust & Safety team uncovers evidence that it is in violation of one or more of Kickstarter’s rules, including:

    — Misrepresentation of support, through self-pledging

    — Misrepresentation or failure to disclose relevant facts about the project or its creator

    — The creator provides inaccurate or incomplete user information to Kickstarter or one of our partners

    — The characteristics of the creator account overlap with the characteristics of backer accounts that pledged to their project

    — A party related to the creator is posing as an independent, supportive party in project comments or elsewhere

    — The creator is presenting someone else’s work as their own

    — The creator is offering purchased items, claiming to have made them

You could fault Areal for breaking nearly every one of those rules too, which makes finding the exact reason a bit difficult. Either way, the project is over and the Areal developers now have a lot of explaining to do…both to the fans who invested money in it as well as the gaming media they attacked for supposedly “spreading lies” about them.

Naturally, we’ll keep you informed of any new developments.

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