Areal Funding Resumes, Albeit Not On Kickstarter

Yesterday we reported on the news that Areal’s Kickstarter was suspended, and while they had nothing to say on the matter at the time…it seems West Games was not the least bit deterred by this humiliating development in their long saga to prove their project’s legitimacy.

Today it was announced on their Facebook page that funding will be resumed, only this time through donations made on their homepage. Of course, they also had to get in a few digs at their detractors during the post, and as usual they didn’t disappoint. Blaming everything form the current Ukrainian conflict to a conspiracy involving other developers purposely sabotaging them, the blog post does a pretty good job of damning the project without any outside help. Especially when they flat out call themselves the “creators of STALKER”, even though it was already proven that the few folks they have that worked for GSC were there only briefly in the beginning. The post itself is an amazing read full of rambling, paranoia and self-pity. Which is a shame, considering the hope I had for this project when I first heard about it a month ago.

Also, it’s funny that they say Kickstarter didn’t contact them and tell them why they were suspended, even though it is part of the procedure (According to others who’ve been similarly axed) that they send a message to the project starter explaining what rule was broken.

If you still want to donate to the Areal developers, you can do so here. Though in all honesty, if you want to play a next-gen S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game you’d be better off re-installing Call of Pripyat and applying the Misery mod. Or Chernobyl and the Complete mod. Or just wait for Metro Redux.

The Areal website states that they have reached 11,000 of their stated 50K goal already, no word yet if that money is from Putin or conspirators attempting to discredit them.

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