Apple to officially allow game emulators on App Store

Apple App Store Allows Emulators Thumbnail

After having been banned for years, Apple has changed their policy regarding game emulators being available through the App Store.

Their newly updated policy on game emulators are that they are now allowed on the store and that they can “offer to download games” for users.

Though the platform holder also states it is the developers responsibility to ensure such downloads are legal. If not, they specific emulators may find themselves banned from the store once again.

This change is likely due to regulations by the European Union, which have already had an effect on Apple’s policies, such as sideloading apps and even rival digital stores.

This will likely have a major effect on the emulation scene now that developers of such emulators can now create and provider people with iOS ports if they haven’t already.

This is a major victory for the emulation scene, despite setbacks earlier this year when Nintendo shut down the Yuzu and Citra emulators.

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