Analysts Claim Animal Crossing: New Horizons Best Digital Monthly Sales on Consoles- 5 Million Copies

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Market analysts claim that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold more digital copies in a single month, than any other console game in history.

While the video games industry had its best March sales since 2008, the New York Post also claimed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the best seller during that month. Now, we have two separate analytical groups claiming exactly how well the game has done thus far (thanks Nibellion)!

Super Data (an analytical group specializing in the video games industry and market) claims that the game sold 5 million digital units in a month. This record was previously held by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4- however no online sources state the sales figures during its first month. The game did become the second best selling title in US in November 2018, behind Red Dead Redemption.

Further, Super Data claim that “Animal Crossing: New Horizons also roughly matched the first-month digital sales of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon Sword and Shield put together.” We previously reported the game holds the record for the best opening week for a Nintendo Switch game, with 1.8 million physical copies in three days in Japan.

Meanwhile The NPD Group (via Venture Beat) claims that the game is now the second best-selling video game of 2020 in the US, surpassed only by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They also state the game had the third best launch of all time for a Nintendo game, surpassed by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic forcing many to stay at home is an obvious factor, which also likely led to the aforementioned best March sales since 2008. Super Data theorizes “the game’s combination of social features and a relaxing setting likely appealed to individuals stuck at home. Closures of brick and mortar stores also meant that a higher share of consumers purchased the game digitally compared to past Switch titles.” 

Venture Beat also theorizes the seven year wait since the last entry (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) made fans ravenous. “A game like Animal Crossing should have long sales legs,” Venture Beat states, “so New Horizons could end up being a history strong seller after a few years.”

The success of the Nintendo Switch also likely aided in the game’s success. It launched in 2017, and by January 2018 had become Nintendo’s fastest selling console in US history.

At the end of January 2020, we reported that the Nintendo Switch had sold over 52.48 million units worldwide. Sources claim that Nintendo are seeking to increase production by 10%, to work around limitations brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, and end shortages.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now on Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here (we recommend it!)

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