AMD reveal details of FSR 3.0 at GDC 2023

AMD FSR 3 Details Thumbnail

One of the more notable tech innovations in recent years from popular graphics card makers such as Nvidia, AMD, Intel, and even Apple is image upscaling for games.

The main idea is that games can render at a lower resolution and then get upscaled to more demanding ones like 4K, with better performance over native. Examples of this technology include DLSS, FSR, and XeSS.

Last year, Nvidia revealed their latest improvement to the idea by introduction frame generation to basically double the framerate of games with DLSS 3.0, which is exclusive to their 40 series of GPUs.

Now, AMD has revealed more details on a new update to their FSR technology with its 3.0 update. The new tech is set to use frame interpolation to also double frame rates. Unlike Nvidia, their software is expected to be open source and usable regardless of graphics card.

The engineers at AMD shared details on how their frame interpolation worked, as well as their solutions for avoiding issues like artifact feedback loops harming image quality from the gamer’s point of view. This ultimately gives them double the performance when this tech is used.

As of this time though, AMD’s FSR 3 does not have a release date planned.



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