Apple reveals its own competitor to DLSS, FSR, and XeSS

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It seems that resolution scaling is all the rage these days as even Apple wants to throw its hat in the ring with their own DLSS competitor.

Currently there exists Nvidia’s DLSS, AMD’s FSR, and Intel is expected to release their own called XeSS, which was original slated to first come to the game Dolman, but was delayed for unknown reasons.

During Apple’s WWDC event the company announced what they are calling MetalFX, an API that works similarly to the aforementioned upscaling methods above.

Apple claims their technology will enable game developers to “render rich, visually complex scenes even faster” as the API is designed to allow the GPU to directly fetch high-quality textures and buffers.

The announcement also revealed that No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village will be the first games to support MetalFX. It’s unknown how many more games will support the feature and ultimately how effective it will be compared to preexisting solutions and Intel’s future release. However, Apple has proclaimed this to be a “new day for gaming on the Mac.”

There hasn’t been an official release date for MetalFX. There is a possibility that it would be released before Intel’s XeSS, which was supposed to come out back in May with the new sci-fi souls-like game Dolmen, but was delayed for unknown reasons. Right now it appears to be releasing sometime this summer according to the developers.

What do you think? Are you someone who games on a Mac and hopes this technology will give you an even better gaming experience?

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