Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Platform Announced

amazon luna

Amazon has surprisingly announced their own cloud gaming streaming platform, dubbed simply Amazon Luna.

The new platform will let users play games across a multitude of devices, including iOS, Android, Fire TV, Windows PC, and Mac OS. It’s worth pointing out that Android support is coming sometime after launch, which only covers the other platforms.

A Luna subscription is $5.99 a month during their early access period, and gives you instant access to a growing catalog of games, including titles like Resident Evil 7, Control, and more. Subscribers can play games on two devices simultaneously, and get performance of reportedly up to 4K resolution and 60FPS.

The news comes after Amazon acquired popular streaming platform Twitch back in 2014, and later started acquiring game developers or started forming their own. Their ambitious, colonial-era MMORPG New World is now on track to launch in early 2021. You can find our thorough hands-on preview for the game here.

Here’s some highlights on the new platform:

  • Built using custom AWS game servers, Luna can stream games without lengthy downloads, updates, or complicated configurations
  • Luna Controller connects directly to the cloud for instant play on Fire TV, PC and Mac, as well as on web apps for iPhone and iPad, with Android coming soon
  • The multi-antenna design allows for uninterrupted wifi for lower latency gaming, and the ability to seamlessly move from screen to screen
  • Customers can subscribe to the Luna+ game channel as part of early access and play favorites like Resident Evil 7, Control, and many more
  • Amazon also announced an agreement with Ubisoft to make the Ubisoft channel available directly through Luna

Amazon customers within the United States can request access by visiting the Amazon Luna landing portal.

Here’s the announcement trailer:



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