Amana Kanata album features song written by Toby Fox

Amane Kanata

Amane Kanata from hololive released her first album UNKNOWN DIVA and festures songs written by multiple composers, including Toby Fox.

Amane Kanata is a member of hololive’s fourth Japanese generation including Kiryu Coco (Graduated), Himemori Luna (my oshi), Tokoyami Towa, and Tsunomaki Watame. UNKNOWN DIVA will be Kanata’s first album and features a variety of original songs from multiple composers.

Previously, songs from musicians like TeddyLoid and Giga were already announced. TeddyLoid is largely known in the west for their work on the soundtrack for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

However what wasn’t announced was an original song from Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale and Deltarune who recently released a statement on the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Hi, it’s me, Toby Fox. I was the composer of one of Kanata’s new songs, Fallen Wing! First, I want to thank Camellia for doing all the production again. He’s always handling all the difficult parts, so he might be my guardian angel… (lol)

Long ago, when I first heard Kanata singing, I was struck by her unique and charming voice. It had something genuine about it I really liked. After seeing her cry during her UNDERTALE playthrough, I started to get ideas for a song… A song about angels, about struggle, about hope.

Somehow, that song became real! … Even though I don’t really know how to write songs for humans to sing. Luckily she’s not a normal human, but an angel. I remember when Camellia and I first heard her singing “Fallen Wing”, we were both yelling at each other “She’s amazing!!!”

To her fans, I hope you enjoy the song! And, don’t let Kanata forget that she has wings, wings that can fly anywhere…

You can check out the song “Fallen Wing” for yourself below.

Kanata’s album UNKNOWN DIVA began shipping to fans who pre-ordered earlier this month. You can check out the page for the album on the official hololive store here.

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