Alpha Protocol returns to Steam in time for Summer Sale

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol the “espionage RPG” has finally returned to Steam after years of being delisted.

Originally released in 2010, Alpha Protocol became known for its branching narrative where choices actually have consequences. Depending on how you play and approach missions, the ultimate ending to the game and what allies you make along the way can be vastly different.

The game was ultimately removed from storefronts back in 2019 after SEGA lost the publishing rights to the game, or more accurately it was the license for the soundtrack that led to issues.

Alpha Protocol came back earlier this year thanks to a release on GOG, but now it seems the issues have been worked out to bring it back on Steam as well!

We don’t know if what (if any) changes needed to be made to handle the game’s licensing issues, but players are sure to be glad it’s back.

Alpha Protocol is available now on Windows PC (via Steam and GOG), and for the duration of the Steam Summer Sale players can get it at 20% off!

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