Alpha Protocol returns thanks to GOG

Alpha Protocol

Stealth shooter Alpha Protocol finally returns to digital storefronts, or at least one digital storefront thanks to GOG.

Originally released in 2010, Alpha Protocol became known for its branching narrative where choices actually have consequences. Depending on how you play and approach missions, the ultimate ending to the game and what allies you make along the way can be vastly different.

The game was ultimately removed from storefronts back in 2019 after SEGA lost the publishing rights to the game, or more accurately it was the license for the soundtrack that led to issues.

However on GOG, it seems Alpha Protocol has been brought back in its full form including licensed music.

Alpha Protocol has been mentioned in discourse regarding game preservation, as after the game was removed from Steam and other retailers, it was virtually impossible to get again. It was also one of the most recent and high-profile removals; while old retro games fade away by virtue of age, Alpha Protocol was less than 10 years old before being delisted across the board.

Players who “own” Alpha Protocol on Steam are still able to download and play it to this day, which is the case for nearly all Steam games that get delisted. However game preservationists are still concerned over how easy it would be for a game to simply disappear after being removed from storefronts. Preservationists fear a reckoning is coming for our world of always-online DRM and game licenses, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Now with a release on GOG, that hopefully won’t be an issue again. GOG is known for their DRM-free releases and that applies to Alpha Protocol as well, unshackled from DRM, hopefully if the game ever does vanish again it will be out there floating on the internet.

Alpha Protocol is available now on Windows PC (via GOG).

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