Horizon Forbidden West protag Aloy has fully-modeled nipples

UPDATE: Sony has copyright claimed the original video documenting the in-game Aloy nipples. We have a backup copy of the video here.

ORIGINAL STORY: Fans have discovered the Horizon Forbidden West protag Aloy has fully-modeled nipples, a curious attention to detail in the newly released game.

The reveal that the Horizon Forbidden West protag Aloy has fully-modeled nipples was discovered by Spanish YouTuber Axel Sparda, who posted a video of the discovery with the game’s photo mode.

As the game was just released on February 18th on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Sparda’s note that this is not a mod it’s all in-engine definitely seems legit as only users with debug consoles could actively run test code or mods of that nature.

Today’s discovery is certainly interesting as Sony’s big new action-adventure game has Aloy usually completely clothed and wearing armor – something like this would presumably never be shown in the game itself.

We usually only see attention to areolas like this with games specifically focused on rampant nudity and/or sex, like the hellspawn action game Agony. Perhaps this is one of the game’s modelers leaving their mark in a hidden way, seeing if this got noticed before the game shipped.

Now that Horizon Forbidden West is available worldwide – expect our thorough review on the game shortly.

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