Agony Unrated Version Coming to PC on October 31, Promises Totally Uncensored Debauchery

Madmind Studios have announced they’re somehow, finally, releasing a fully uncensored and unrated version of Agony.

The uncensored version of the game will be titled Agony Unrated, and it’s set to launch on Windows PC via Steam on October 31st. The unrated version was originally planned to release back in June, but was shelved due to financial issues.

While pretty disturbing on the whole, when the game was released it had its most grotesque content removed – out of fear the game would receive the dreaded “Adults Only” rating.

It’s worth pointing out that in order to even “see” the Unrated version of Agony, you need to go into your Steam settings and approve several warnings for the game, including gratuitous violence, adults only content, and more.

Some of the censored content includes a full rape scene, a full consensual sex scene, scenes where you murder babies, a scene where you have sex and then instantly yet violently give birth to a demon baby, and other heathen acts.

It’s likely this content will never be seen on consoles, considering Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo generally draw a line at some point when it comes to violent and/or sexual content. It’s a gray area, but platform holders tend to draw the line at sexuality – and most especially anime girl sexuality.

Agony is currently available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch port is planned for sometime later this year.



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