Alienware shows off odd hybrid concept controller for Nyx at CES 2023

Alienware Nyx Controller Thumbnail

During CES 2023, Alienware showed off a concept for a controller they’re working on which will pair with their upcoming “Concept Nyx” platform.

While it’s shaped like a standard controller like Microsoft’s Xbox pads, there are many additional features built in that take from nearly all previous designs.

One of the most obvious differences compared to standard controllers is that the traditional D-pad was removed. Instead, something more akin to Valve’s Steam controller with a touchpad layout is used instead.

The back of the controller also includes back shift buttons, scrolls wheels at the bottom, and the center button with the Alienware logo is actually a fingerprint sensor.

According to the Dell subsidiary, users will be able to set personalized settings whenever they wanted to play their favorite games.

It is a controller with many more features than a standard one, likely meaning it’ll be priced similarly to more expensive options that are coming to market as well.

However, this new pad is also designed with more than gaming in mind, as Alienware provided examples of using one in a multitasking situation.

It’s important to remember that this is still a concept product, and one based around their “Concept Nyx” platform. This means it’ll likely look and work very different if/when it comes to market, alongside the rest of Alienware’s ecosystem.

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