Razer reveals premium PS5 controller and it’s ridiculously expensive

Razer Expensive PS5 Controller Thumbnail

Razer has unveiled the Wolverine V2 Pro, an officially licensed controller for PlayStation 5.

The new pad will also work on PC, comes with a ton of added features over the standard PS5 controller, but it comes at a much higher price as well.

The controller is retailed at $249.99, which is half as much as the standard version (if you’re in the US) of the console it’s built for. It’s also $50 more than the DuelSense Edge wireless controller that Sony recently announced.

Special features one can expect from the Wolverine V2 Pro are Razer’s Hyperspeed Wireless technology for minimal input lag, mecha-tactile face buttons, six mappable buttons, and interchangeable thumbsticks.

Check out the trailer for the newly announced product:

If you’re interested in getting this controller for yourself, you can check it out on Razer’s website.



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