Alice in Borderland renewed for season 3 on Netflix


Alice in Borderland has been renewed for a third season at Netflix.

Minyoung Kim, the vice-president of content in Asia Pacific announced the third season officially at the APOS conference in Indonesia.

Based off the 2010 manga series by Haro Aso Alice in Borderland follows Ryohei Arisu and his friends as they’re forced to participate in a gauntlet of deadly games. The three friends had been goofing off in Shibuya and had to hide from the police only to emerge from their hiding place to an utterly empty Tokyo.

The three run through the city looking for anyone, only to stumble upon a lit building once night falls. Little did they know, they passed a laser sensor on their way in that will kill them if they leave, their only choice now to complete the game they’re presented with in the building or die.

Alice in Borderland features Kento Yamazaki as the protagonist Ryohei Arisu. Yamazaki is largely known for his leading roles as Josuke Higashikata in the live-action adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable and Kousei Arima in the live action adaptation of Your Lie in April.

You can check out our review for the series here! (We recommend it!)



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