Air Twister details extra modes and more with new gameplay

Air Twister

ININ Games has detailed more gameplay modes and info for Air TwisterShenmue creator Yu Suzuki’s latest game that released last year.

Here’s a rundown on the gameplay modes, plus a new trailer:

Extra Modes

Here are six extra modes which you can unlock by collecting stars or tickets from daily/weekly events:

  • Stardust – Can you defeat the incoming waves of enemies within the time limit? The faster you shoot them down, the faster they appear. Vanquish the outpour of enemies, one by one!
  • Arcade Mode – This mode puts you in a no-holds-barred old-school arcade experience with no useful items, a high default difficulty setting and quick bursts of intense shooting action. In this hardcore version of Air Twister, beat the game with one life and one life only. Starting Hearts change with difficulty level.
  • Fluffy – In this silly topsy-turvy mode, your perspective changes from a 3D view to a classic 2D side scroller! Give it your all to not touch any enemies or obstacles while zipping through the levels on your loyal winged elephant. Choose between two submodes! Get rich or die trying in Score Attack Fluffy, or grab as many stars as you can in Get Stars Fluffy while soaring like fluff in the wind!
  • Boss Rush – “Boss Rush” delivers a high dose of adrenaline as you will face every single one of the game’s ten boss monsters in quick succession. The faster you take them down, the higher your ranking in the high-score table!
  • Turbo Mode – Double the speed. Double the challenge! Turbo Mode is a high-difficulty mode with everything at 2x speed. Ditch the dumb luck and use pure skill to streak through the stages and vanquish incoming enemies to become the Turbo Queen (extraordinarily nice, right?!)
  • Tap Breaker – A simple minigame in which you must break cubes by tapping them numerically. The faster you do it, the higher your score. Sounds simple enough, right? But how focused can you be when the ever-increasing number of cubes start spinning around in different directions?
  • Extra Stage – Dash through a seemingly never-ending mysterious tunnel and defeat the oncoming raids of enemies! This stage is twice as long as normal stages, so let your rail shooter skills shine and try to reach the end of the tunnel safely

Adventure Map

  • Every time you destroy a full formation of enemies, complete a daily/weekly event or dedicate playtime to Get Stars Fluffy, you will receive stars. These stars serve as the game’s main currency and are used to unlock new items on the Adventure Map.
  • Hungry for more? This extensive Map displays all potential extras and unlockables –  from weapons and outfits, to lore and more!
    • Calling all trophy hunters, achievers and completionists: Can you collect all the stars and master Air Twister 100%?

Air Twister is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PS4, and PS5 on November 10th. Air Twister was originally released back in June 2022 exclusively on Apple Arcade.

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