Aeternoblade II Announced for PS Vita and 3DS

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Corecell Technology has revealed AeternoBlade II for both PS Vita and 3DS.

The game is launching digitally for both platforms sometime around “the end of Q2 2016.” The upcoming sequel features a time manipulation mechanic similar to the original, which saw a release across PS Vita, 3DS, and PS4.

AeternoBlade II will feature a metroidvania-like world just like the original, with time-solving puzzles, map exploration, and the ability to collect various relics.

Corecell also revealed the game’s two main characters, Freyja and Bernard, which you can read about below:

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Following the time paradox created in the original game, her life is drastically improved. However, a new universal time effect has occurred in a response to this, pushing Freyja to take up the AeternoBlade yet again.

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He’s a young knight who focuses on using heavy weapons. He isn’t that chatty, but he is kind of heart.

Finally, Corecell Technology said they’re “probably” going to support more platforms for AternoBlade II, following the game’s handheld release.



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