Actor apologizes for uploading “Loli God Requiem” TikTok Dance

Loli God Requiem

Japanese singer and actor Daisuke Yokoyama removed his Tiktok dance for “Loli God Requiem” due to its “controversial content”, despite several other people uploading their own as part of a viral trend.

Daisuke Yokoyama is a well-known singer and actor who is also serving as the 11th generation “Uta no onii-san” for NHK’s “Okaa-san to Issho”.

“Loli God Requiem” is a song created by virtual YouTuber Shigure Ui that jokingly pokes fun at lolicon (individuals with a fascination for anime characters with a petite body who are sometimes underage).

Here’s the portion of the song that became a meme:

Several individuals began uploading videos to Tiktok of themselves dancing to this part of the song.

Shigure Ui gained a significant increase in subscribers since releasing the full version of the song:

Here’s the entire “Loli God Requiem” song:

Some critics wrongfully believe the song is meant to be a negative critique of lolicon, but it is clear these individuals don’t know that loli is a popular genre in Japan, and that Shigure Ui has talked positively about it herself:

One of the many people uploading their version of the meme to TikTok included Daisuke Yokoyama, who has since apologized for uploading the “inappropriate video” (due to comments criticizing it), and deleted his account.

Here’s Daisuke’s blog entry on the matter:

There have been several opinions from everyone regarding the song used on TikTok. Without understanding the lyrics or background of the song, I imitated the dance and submitted it online because it was popular. I apologize greatly for deeply hurting those who supported me and for making many people feel uncomfortable. This undesirable state was brought on by my lack of virtue. We will strive to make sure such a thing never happens again and will take everyone’s opinions seriously. In the future, we will carefully examine and understand the contents before dispatching such content responsibly.

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