Activision ends world racism with real time Call of Duty voice chat monitoring

Call of Duty voice chat monitoring

Activision has ended slavery and all racial abuse in the world as they have now incorporated “real time in-game voice chat moderation” for their bloated shooter franchise, Call of Duty.

Determined to look good in the eyes of Twitter degenerates and social justice cultists, Activision has taken the initiative when it comes to stopping people from saying mean words, as opposed to actually fixing the bugs in their games or making the games fun.

A Twitter user shared this announcement on Twitter and revealed it will be affecting multiple games:

As opposed to merely telling people to use the block functionality or similar, Activision is determined to make their M-rated murder simulators family-friendly.

By using AI to do so, there will likely be instances of people losing access to their games over an AI decision.

Comments on social media indicate that most aren’t happy with this ludicrous waste of company time and resources:

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