“A New Fate Begins to Stir” Teaser for New Entry in Fate Series

fate 03-12-16-1

Fans of the Fate series will be happy to know a new countdown website has been published, for something new in the series.

The 74-hour countdown teaser promises something new for the franchise, with a message reading: “A new fate begins to stir.”

It gets more interesting when you look at the source code of the website:

fate 03-12-16-2

This is an HTML comment that represents the Command Spell of series protagonist Hakuno Kishinami.

It’s also worth mentioning that Marvelous, the publisher of both Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC, is the owner of the website – so this leads us to believe they’re publishing this new game as well.

We’ll keep you guys posted.



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