A Girl & Her Guard Dog anime premieres this fall

A Girl and Her Guard Dog

The upcoming anime adaptation of A Girl & Her Guard Dog (Ojou to Banken-kun) will premiere this October as part of the Fall 2023 anime season.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog follows Senagaki Isaku, the heiress of a Yakuza family who’s been raised by her grandfather.

All Isaku wants is to have a normal high school life without the reputation of her family preceding her.

High school is finally the chance for a fresh start; but when a Yakuza body guard Keiya infiltrates the school to protect her then a normal high school life is off the table.

You can check out the latest trailer here.

A Girl & Her Guard Dog is the latest anime from project No.9 who are largely known for their work on And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? and Love After World Domination.



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