Love After World Domination Begins April 8

Love After World Domination

The anime adaptation of Love After World Domination is set to premiere on April 8th.

Love After World Domination is a romantic comedy that follows the love affair between a tokusatsu hero and a leader in the army of darkness that the heroes face. Aikawa Fudou is the red leader of Gelato 5 and is secretly dating Magahara Desumi, a woman who frequently leads minions of the villainous “Gecko” into battle.

Although to the public these two are mortal enemies, when their costumes are off they pursue a forbidden romance and try to leave their masked lives at the door.

The series began as an ongoing manga from writer-artist duo Hiroshi Noda and Wakamatsu Takahiro. The series will feature Kobayashi Yuusuke as Aikawa Fudou and Hasegawa Ikumi as Magahara Desumi.


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