$900 Life-Sized Resident Evil Licker Statue is Ready for Tonguing Action

PureArts has announced a life-sized, $900 bust statue focused entirely on the infamous licker zombie from the Resident Evil series.

The 1:1 scale bust statue is meticulously detailed, showing off the lickers eponymous tongue in action, and both its exposed brain and muscle tissues.

There will be only 666 standard edition units made with an additional 100 PureArts exclusive units (with a signed art print from PureArts artist Mickael Lelievre).

Shipments are expected to go out in Q2 of 2022. The replica knife is also included with its own bloody pattern, and can be removed as well!

Here’s some more glamour shots:

The licker originated in Resident Evil 2, and as such the bust is based on its appearance in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Lickers were kept as test subjects at Umbrella’s NEST facility deep beneath Raccoon City, where they eventually produced a modified version based on a T-Virus strain.

If you’re looking to make people in your home uncomfortable – or simply want some more tonguing action in your life – pre-orders for the licker statue are now available over on PureArts’ online store.

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