New Fallout 4 Beta Patch Adds Support For “Add-Ons”

News coming from Bethesda’s forums reveals that the 1.4 patch for Fallout 4 has just entered beta on Steam. This patch, which includes a myriad of bug fixes, also looks to be officially adding in support for “add-ons” as well.

The ambiguous nature of the language seems to point towards mod support officially being added in, but it appears to be merely paving the way for Bethesda’s official DLC “Add-ons”, such as Automatron.

Though it doesn’t look like we’re getting the GECK with this patch, there are quite a few gameplay changes coming with it, such as a notice as to what happens to settlements you fail to rescue in time and the demolition expert skill finally being fixed. A full list can be read on the aforementioned forum posting, or the Steam community.



Carl is both a JRPG fan and a CRPG'er who especially loves European PC games. Even with more than three decades of gaming under his belt, he feels the best of the hobby is yet to come.

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