30XX leaves Early Access and postpones Nintendo Switch port

30XX early access Nintendo Switch

2D platformer 30XX has finally hit its 1.0 release, but will be unfortunately delayed on Nintendo Switch.

You can view the announcement below

Hello! Today’s 30XX 1.0 patch sees the game exit Early Access into full release!

1.0, first and foremost, brings 30XX’s Endgame into the spotlight! We’ll avoid too many spoilers here about the new levels, but all 30XX runs will now go past level 8, until you’ve truly saved the world that remains.

We’ve also fixed up all the remaining major bugs we’ve found, including some long-standing issues in online play and Mega Mode.

Of course, there’s still a lot we’re excited to bring to 30XX in the coming months. While we believe 30XX 1.0 fulfills our original vision for the game, there’s lots more 30XX in the pipeline – more game content, additional characters, even more Maker flexibility, better mod support, and so much more! We see 1.0 as a fresh start for the game, and we can’t wait to be able to share what’s coming next.

The game’s Nintendo Switch port will unfortunately be delayed due to the lengthy process of submitting your game to a major company.

The developers have gone on to say the following on Twitter:

[…] Hi! 30XX isn’t up on the Switch eShop yet.

We’re very sorry about the delay – we know a lot of you are stoked to play 30XX on Switch.

It’ll be ready very soon, and as soon as we can give you an exact date, we’ll do so immediately.

Further, we’re sorry for the timing here. Hearing your favorite game’s been delayed’s a bummer. Hearing about it on release morning is worse. We thought we’d left enough time for Nintendo’s processes for the game, and we were wrong. […]

These are bittersweet news, as the game’s port really is finished, but hasn’t been processed yet by Nintendo.

30XX is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam), and will hopefully be available on the Nintendo Switch soon.



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