Nintendo Switch Online Adds New NES and SNES Games on February 17; Psycho Dream, Doomsday Warrior, and More

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo have announced the next games joining the Nintendo Switch Online catalog of NES and SNES titles; including Psycho Dream, and Doomsday Warrior.

Those who buy a Nintendo Switch Online subscription have access to classic NES and SNES games, with the February update adding four more titles. These include Psycho Dream, Doomsday Warrior, Prehistorik Man, and Fire ’n Ice. Of note is Psycho Dream; being available for the first time outside of Japan.

The titles will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online on February 17th; growing the classic games collection to 99 titles.

You can find the announcement trailer, and full rundown (via Business Wire) below.

Super NES

  • Psycho Dream – When Sayaka doesn’t return to reality after entering an immersive virtual world known as a D-Movie, the protagonists, Ryo and Maria, must progress through a terrifying fantasy game called Legend of the Fallen Capital to rescue her and bring her back to reality.
  • DOOMSDAY WARRIOR – It’s the Doomsday Warrior versus the Doom Squad! This action game features an evil sorcerer who has recruited seven warriors to take over Earth. But one of the Doom Squad has resisted the influence and now stands against the rest as the Doomsday Warrior!
  • Prehistorik Man – Sam the caveman’s quest to save his village begins! Sam lives in a village whose food is stolen by dinosaurs. To get more, Sam must collect bones, which he can then use to buy food. On his way, he’ll need to make use of a variety of weapons, vehicles and attacks, including shouting, to attack all on-screen foes. Can Sam reach the dinosaur graveyard and collect enough bones?


  • Fire ’n Ice– As Dana, you have been chosen by the Queen of the Winter Fairies to bear the power of ice magic. With it, you must defend your home, Coolmint Island, from the wicked wizard Druidle and his flames!
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