Niche Spotlight – Crumble


Today’s Niche Spotlight is Crumble, a 3D physics-based platformer by Brute Force.

Jump and swing your way through crumbling levels as a small ball of slime with a prehensile tongue. Each level twists, turns, and crumbles to pieces using a dynamic physics engine, ensuring you’ll need to be ready for anything as you bounce and swing. Crumble also features split screen multiplayer and Steam Remote Play support.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Crumble is available on Windows PC and Linux (both via Steam) for $14.99 USD.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Crumble is a physics platformer with a grappling tongue mechanic.
Join the chaos of unstable platforms and unexpected destructions with this cute blue ball!
Try to progress in exciting levels falling around you.
Move like a Slime, jump like a Ball, swing like Spiderman!


  • A campaign mode with an increasingly crumbling world
  • A multiplayer Party Mode up to 4 local players
  • Unlock new skins
  • Online leader boards
  • High dynamic physics
  • Surprise mechanics

Vibrant Environment

Crumbling Chaos

Swing Mechanics

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Image: Steam

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