Niche Spotlight – Airborne Kingdom

Airborne Kingdom

Today’s Niche Spotlight is Airborne Kingdom, a city building game by The Wandering Band.

Build, expand, and manage a floating mechanical city in the clouds. Travel across the globe in search of resources, and make alliances and deals with kingdoms on the ground.

You will not just need to keep up with the demands of your townsfolk like in more traditional city building games; but also make sure your city has enough fuel, and has its weight equally balanced so it can stay in the air. The Deluxe Edition also includes the game’s soundtrack.

You can find the launch trailer below.

Airborne Kingdom is available on Windows PC and Mac (both via the Epic Games Store) for $24.99 USD.

You can find the rundown (via the Epic Games Store) below:

Build Your Domain
Construct a unique sky city. Build housing, satisfy needs, and grow your clan. Maintain lift, balance weight, and be careful not to run low on fuel!

Fly The Barrens
Explore the landscape, which changes with every playthrough. Search for resources, find lost technologies, and discover the fate of The Ancients!

Connect The Kingdoms
Gain allegiance with the ground kingdoms. Help them find artifacts, construct monuments, and connect them to the skies. Your guidance can propel an era of harmony!

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Image: Epic Games Store

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