Biblical Roguelike JRPG Baroque is Coming to Switch in Japan on November 12

baroque: original version

Japanese developer Sting has announced the release date for their Switch port of the classic roguelike RPG Baroque.

The new port, dubbed simply Baroque: Original Version, is heading to Nintendo Switch (via the eShop) on November 12th, for 2,400 yen. Pre-orders are up now, discounting the game 15% down to 2,032 yen.

Baroque was originally released for the Sega Saturn back in 1998 by Entertainment Software Publishing. The game was conceived by Sting founder Kazunari Yonemitsu, who up until that point worked on lighter or comedic games in his career, as his darker game ideas would get vetoed. The RPG has a darker tone and influences from European film, and film noir.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

The dark fantasy RPG Baroque is coming to Nintendo Switch™ as a super complete port! This game allows you to play the original version of Baroque, which was released in 1998, as it is.

Game Features

In this multilayered action-RPG story with new developments and discoveries with each new game, the protagonist takes on a dungeon called the Neural Tower to heal his sins in a world where everything has been twisted and warped.

Additional Features.

There’s more content than just the main game!
Includes [BAROQUE-REPORT-] software not for sale! You can also view the Baroque Report that was distributed in paper form!

Other additional elements

Includes two opening movies of BAROQUE~Kind of Delusion~ Black in truth and BAROQUE FOR Wii!
You can customize the screen size, wallpaper, transparent mesh, scan lines, etc. to your liking.
It has a manual save function, which is different from the interrupted save function!


In hindsight, the incident was a harbinger of a major heatwave.
The year 2000 A.D. passed, but the premonition of the end of the century did not disappear. Strange incidents continue to occur. Rumors of a “monster,” or “xenomorph,” killing people continue to circulate. Creepy new religions are gaining strength. The average life expectancy has dropped horribly. Unusual crimes are common. And then a massive disaster strikes the earth. What is left of it is what the rest of us call the Great Heat Wave. It was a disaster unlike anything ever experienced before. It distorted, twisted and crumbled. People ceased to be people and everything was distorted.
The world collapsed.

How can my sinfulness be forgiven?

The protagonist has lost his memory and continues to feel only guilt. The man with wings says, “Your sins are forgiven by healing the world. “Your sins are forgiven by healing the world. To heal the world, to heal the world, he goes to the Neurotower…

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