Mary Skelter Finale Delayed to November 5 in Japan

Mary Skelter Finale

Compile Hearts have announced the release date of dungeon-crawling RPG Mary Skelter Finale has been delayed in Japan.

As previously reported, the third game in the Mary Skelter series (aside from the spin-off Love Prison Mary Skelter), sees the Blood Maidens finally escaping The Jail- only to be confronted by “Execution Maidens,” (Translation: Google Translate). Now as hope is all but lost, the girls attempt to escape Earth itself, heading towards a disgusting tower made of flesh, floating high in the sky.

The game was originally slated to release on August 27th in Japan, but this was delayed to October 8th. Now the game has been delayed to November 5th. The reason for this was not stated, though we speculate the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine orders and remote working would have caused some disruption.

In addition, Episode 1 of “God’s Tower Mary Skelter Finale Prison Fairytale Eve Tan” (Translation: Google Translate) has been released.

Written by Yomoji Otono (the series creator) and with illustrations by Nanameda Kei (character designer for this game and Death end re;Quest); the first chapter of the short story describes how the world fell to ruin during the events of the first two games.

Mary Skelter Finale launches November 5th in Japan, for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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Image: Compile Hearts

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