Niche Spotlight – ZeroRanger


Today’s Spotlight is ZeroRanger, a retro-inspired vertical shmup by System Erasure.

A mysterious alien force called Green Orange has launched a sudden invasion, and it’s up to two powerful prototype fighters to save humanity. Unlock new weapons and abilities as you blast your way through Green Orange’s forces, and gradually uncover the true nature of your foe and their mission.

While ZeroRanger has been out since 2018, it recently received a big update that you can read about here. You can find the game’s original launch trailer below.

ZeroRanger is available on Windows PC via Steam for $11.99.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

ZeroRanger is a vertically scrolling 2D shoot’em up with heavy emphasis on shooting, dodging and… mystery?

A menacing alien threat, GREEN ORANGE, has begun its invasion. Only two secondary fighters remain against complete annihilation.
Blast your way through enemy forces in order to unleash your fighter’s latent potential, unlocking new weapons and abilities.
But as you grow stronger, so does your understanding of the true nature of your adversary…

Bullet Points:

  • 8 distinct colours (including GREEN and ORANGE)
  • 4 stages of enlightenment & relentless action
  • 2 secondary fighters remaining
  • 1 endless cycle of life and death

Technical Tidbits:

  • TATE (screen rotation)
  • Scanline options
  • Colourblind mode
  • Unlockable extra palettes

May you attain enlightenment

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Image: Steam

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